Thursday, March 16, 2006

Seafood in the Midwest

I now have substantial proof that Midwesterners have no idea what good seafood is. Last night to celebrate the end of the quarter, my wife and I grabbed a recommendation off the reader, which has never let us down. The highest rated seafood place (non-sushi / pan-asian) was this little neighborhood place called Pier 5736. We get there and find it to be little more than a glorified bar that served fish.

I won't say much about the service, besides the fact that I am convinced our waiter was intoxicated. We start with some lobster medallions (yeah we spend too much when we go out to eat). The remoulade was wonderful, the lobster tough. Then we had an awesome salad. But the kick in the pants came with the main course: Cheryl shrimp, me rainbow trout. Let's say I've had better trout cooked on a carburetor, and Cheryl's shrimp could have been sold as really old silly putty.

So that's it from now on if I want fish here in Chicago, I either make it myself or go to a sushi bar or pan-asian place. You might try the Satay, it is wonderful, look it up on the reader.


Patrick said...

Yeah, I've discovered the following equation:

"Bad" seafood restaurant on the coast =
"Good" seafood restaurant in the Midwest.

Only I'm on the bright side of this equation...

David Amulet said...

I can't recall ever having good seafood in Illinois. Then again, I can't recall having good, fresh corn on the cob on the east coast.

-- david

Andy R. Terrel said...

This is true the midwest has some good food. It just happens to be largely the same as we have in Texas. Only blander.