Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Yup, I gots a new cookbook. So what you say! Well believe it or not, it is a vegetarian cookbook. My family is in shock and awe. "Andy ... eating vegetarian food ... He doesn't even like vegetables!"

Well, the times are a'changin. I just got the new Moosewood Cookbook, and let me tell you if everything in the book is as good as the first recipe that I made, spinach and cheese calzone , then I might become vegetarian.

The Moosewood Cookbook has been the largest selling cookbook of all time. I am sure that without it there would not be so many vegetarians today.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ID or Flying Spaghetti Monsters

This is great!!!

Of course, it is a bit irreverant towards my faith but dead on with the science aspect.

My Boring Life

Okay so when I started this I never realized how cool/busy a person has to be in order to have things to blog about daily. In fact I was certain that I had enough thoughts to publish regularly but as it turns out my life is pathetic.

Okay, so I have the greatest wife in the world. My job is to play with numbers all day. And I have the blessed opportunity of going to Mass everyday. Yes my life is great ... just not to read about really.

Stupid reality check.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Life Beyond the Midway

So now I live at 61st and Ingleside. If you are familar with University of Chicago that is just over the midway, which means scary land for all those who live north of the midway. In fact, I was one of those people who was scared of the land south of the midway until I observed two things:

  1. The price of housing in Hyde Park proper
  2. The other cheap area around Hyde Park, i.e. the very scary land across Hyde Park

That would convince any of us cheap grad students that the land south of the midway is our milk and honey. But since I have moved over here I have found that it is not at all the dangerous land that I once thought. In fact where I live seems to be a very nice little neighborhood.

Some ways that the new place is better than when I lived in Hyde Park proper include:

  • No one panhandling in front of my building
  • I have actually met most all of my neighbors
  • Police cruise down my street frequently
  • Vistors will have a place to park

Well anywho I gots to run.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Yahoo for my wife

So today I pass the big one year mark, that is one year of being married. I know that this is the time to get all romantic and make all those people out there sick to their stomachs but that is what anniversaries are for, right? Well all I will say is that a year ago I made the best decision of my life and can't wait to work for the next 80 years making it a better decision.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The New Place

WooHoo we have a new place. It is great, hardwood floors, a kitchen that I can walk in, two bedrooms, and all that. Nevermind that I am still moving in, this place is great. It is also like a 15 min walk to my office versus the 40 min walk to the other place. Now since I am sure I will have so much time to enjoy it, well those times I am not trying desparately to keep up with the 80 hours a week of studying and the 20 hours of research and the general selling of my soul that they expect at the UofC. Hehe anywho pictures will come later (as soon as all the boxes are unpacked).