Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Escapa! Hehe I got 19.5 s which prooves I'm brilliant =D

Friday, January 20, 2006


So I just have too many things going on now a days to keep up with my blog. But never fear, I have been stuck on several homework problems for a while now so I do the only natural thing to do ... slack off and pretend it is all done.

In fact I think I found my second calling last night. A professional chef. Well singing and writing will never work out so I gotta do something artistic. But cooking makes me happy and at least I know that I am pretty good at it. Last night I prepared a pretty fancy meal for some priests at my parish. They seemed to really like it so much that I am getting tired of people saying thank you ... not! Yeah go ahead and tell me how good my food is.

I know between my last post and this one I had a bunch of things to say, but I can't remember any of them. I was contacted by a principal for a new KIPP school. I will go for an interview and all that but unless it really feels like what I should do I probably won't. My classes are going okay right now. I bombed my quiz in Architecture but I had a headache and was tired, it doesn't really matter.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gotta love that Kass

"Scientific fraud is always revolting, but it is fortunately rare and, in the end, truth will out. But in this case, American scientists and the American media have been complicit in the fraud, because of their zeal in the politics of stem-cell and cloning research and their hostility to the Bush funding policy. Concerted efforts have been made these past five years to hype therapeutic cloning, including irresponsible promises of cures around the corner and 'personalised repair kits' for every degenerative disease. The need to support these wild claims and the desire to embarrass cloning opponents led to the accelerated publication of Dr Hwang's 'findings'... We even made him Exhibit A for the false claim that our moral scruples are causing American science to fall behind." ~ Opinion Journal, Jan 7

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 Year Review

So to reflect a bit about the last year, and maybe to reflect a bit on myself, I offer the best and worst of my year:

Best Movie I watched: Batman Begins
Worst Movie I watched: Star Wars Episode III (even if it was the best of the new three)

Best Book I read: Slave by Mende Nasar
Worst Book I read: Real Analysis by Walter Rudin (mostly because it sucked my soul)

Best Dish I cooked: Wild Mushroom Sauce on ricotta gnocchi
Worst Dish I cooked: Paella (sadly it was bland, boring and burned, but I must try again!)

Best Date with my wife: Anniversary Date (ate at Volare downtown, watched Batman at River East, and finished off the evening with year old wedding cake and a very nice german beer (Schnieder Avenetus))
Worst Date with my wife: None they are all wonderful

Best volunteering: Retreat at Calvert House
Worst volunteering: Midwest Workers Association (aka ze commies)

Best Catholic tradition upheld: Mass, tithing, and praying
Worst Catholic tradition upheld: Gossiping

Best school related activity: Going to National SIAM Conference and speaking at the FENICS conference
Worst school related activity: Taking math classes (the only classes I have ever failed/dropped in my life)