Thursday, March 09, 2006

A man I would like to meet

Okay so there are a lot of people in the world I would love to meet. Oddly enough none of them are scientists but that is okay, I would rather read their work. But today I ran across this article in the Times Online about Sayed Rahmatulla Hashemi, former Taliban spokesman now Yale undergraduate. The guy was the foreign minister to the Taliban at age 22. I don't care how backwards their government was that is impressive. He toured the world and defended his country and his faith tradition. I guess the most impressive part of the article is his reflection on 9/11 and how Osama bin Laden is worse for the Muslim world than the West.

Now he has come full circle and is in the "enemy" countries attending one of their elitist schools. It seems that he would have a great perspective on the world that I could not begin to gain here in my office at the UofC.

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