Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Completely useless skills

Every year around this time I devote a large amount of my time to learning a completely useless skill. Some years the skill becomes very useful, such as last year I learned C/C++, only to have it haunt me almost every day afterwards. One year I learned some basic html and created some bad websites, don't believe me check this baby out or better yet remember when frames were in style. And still another year I learned all about philosophy which then lead me to get a degree in it and thus forget why I wanted to learn it to begin with.

But this year I am looking into nicer DHTML web design, for no other reason than my current website sucks and I want to make it prettier. Hopefully this won't get me more work to do but if you are interested in my designing as it is manifested, check out this.


Anonymous said...

I love your new web-site! Can you do one for me? haha jk.

Jay Noel said...

Hey, my sister goes to the University of Chicago. It's a beautiful school.