Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Internship

Well I know I have said that I would be posting more but I just haven't had much opportunity. After traveling for a week, I finally arrived here in sunny California to start my internship.

The lab I work at is really very corporate and I think all I have done of any value this whole week is training. Although the really scary thing is how much everyone loves their job here. I swear if I hear "Sandia is an awesome place to work" one more time ... well maybe I come from a tradition where complaining about the job is more important. I'm just going to bring my own Kool-Aid to work.

I never realized that California was so purty! And to imagine I am the only hippie I have met, well I think my mentor would be a hippie if he wasn't bald. As one of the other researchers said "So you teach him the ropes and he gives you the hair." Well I am off to something else besides sit infront of a computer.

Friday, June 09, 2006


My summer internship starts the morning at 7:30 am ...... I'm in grad school to avoid this sort of thing!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not Dead.

So my blog looks like I am not keeping it at all anymore. Well that's not true. I have just had a combination of school work, research, and nethack take over my life. But all that is almost over... okay school work is almost over. Research will never go away and nethack is like that old flame you can never get over, when you think you have forgotten all about it this little tick in you head goes off and reminds you that you have yet to ascend. I will conquer you, stupid game!!!