Friday, August 04, 2006

Is Peace Possible?

As I came back from a social for my workplace, several coworkers scoffed at the idea that there would be demonstrations of an event 61 years ago outside our gates. This event was the dropping of the nuclear bomb. While I am not sure I agree with the protestors, I am certain I disagree with my coworkers.

America built the bomb at the request of scientists in order to prevent the use of such a weapon by fascist governments who were also using the newly discovered physics phenomenon to develop weapons. The dropping of said bomb was a decision that will shake the fabric of morality until the end of the human race. What could be more devastating than this? Even the holocaust required the decisions of thousands, whereas the bomb is the exercise of one man's authority over a powerful nation. Perhaps the most comforting thought is that America in its sincerest actions, has tried to contain and reduce the number of nuclear weapons throughout the world ever since that first bomb was dropped. Nevertheless, the protestor outside our gates serve a very real reminder of America's role as the birthplace of nuclear weapons.

Maybe today I feel a little bit more melodramatic as I reflect on my nice condo, comfortable student stipend, and new car. But watching a video on the press and the Middle East conflict has sparked maybe the deepest parts of my heart; a longing for peace and love to prevail throughout the world we live in. If you have the time, watch the video maybe then you will understand the mind of a suicide bomber, or you may scoff at wimpy liberals. I have felt that America was on the wrong side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for years, but it seems to be one of the only issues that both democrats and republicans are firmly together on.

I end this post on a reflection of the title. I once spoke with Sister Emmanuel in Medjugorje about peace. A brave and profound woman who survived the wars in former Yugoslavia. Her words were simply this, peace is never the removal of something. It is always the filling of something. When violence is to be removed, its cause must be uprooted and mended. Every person should seek peace not as the removal of hate or anger but as the filling of love and truth.

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