Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 Year Review

So to reflect a bit about the last year, and maybe to reflect a bit on myself, I offer the best and worst of my year:

Best Movie I watched: Batman Begins
Worst Movie I watched: Star Wars Episode III (even if it was the best of the new three)

Best Book I read: Slave by Mende Nasar
Worst Book I read: Real Analysis by Walter Rudin (mostly because it sucked my soul)

Best Dish I cooked: Wild Mushroom Sauce on ricotta gnocchi
Worst Dish I cooked: Paella (sadly it was bland, boring and burned, but I must try again!)

Best Date with my wife: Anniversary Date (ate at Volare downtown, watched Batman at River East, and finished off the evening with year old wedding cake and a very nice german beer (Schnieder Avenetus))
Worst Date with my wife: None they are all wonderful

Best volunteering: Retreat at Calvert House
Worst volunteering: Midwest Workers Association (aka ze commies)

Best Catholic tradition upheld: Mass, tithing, and praying
Worst Catholic tradition upheld: Gossiping

Best school related activity: Going to National SIAM Conference and speaking at the FENICS conference
Worst school related activity: Taking math classes (the only classes I have ever failed/dropped in my life)


David Amulet said...

Hi, Andy, I haven't seen you in a while and thought I'd drop by.

I also picked Batman Begins as my favorite for the year. My biggest gripe? The Katie Holmes chararcter--and her relationship with Bruce Wayne as a kid and as an adult--was underdeveloped and a weak spot.

Otherwise, as I mentioned elsewhere, this movie saved the Batman franchise from itself!

-- david

Andy R. Terrel said...

Me being the type that bases that batman should be more like the cartoon that aired when I was a kid, felt the romance was pretty stupid but provided a functional relationship for batman with the DA. That is fine but I would liked to see Bruce Wayne being a bit more suave than he was. Nevertheless it is much much better than the other batman movies.