Friday, December 02, 2005

Aha so it isn't just my generation!!!

I found this quote in the forward of Life plus Ninety Nine Years by Nathan Leopold, it was written in 1957:
Today, nearly thirty-five years after that crime, youth is stumbling blindly along the same path. Parents have ceased to be the infalliable arbiters of juvenile conduct. After children reach a certiain age parents are openly considered as belonging to separate social and intellectual strata. If there is love, the parental relationship is tolerated, but the idea of government by parental admonition is extinct.

and later one reads:
Juvenile murderers were considered fiends incarnate in 1924. They were a puzzling problem in 1952. They have ceased to be a novelty in 1957.

Blame generation Y no longer, kids were bad back then in the good old days as well.


K Hunter 2 said...

Do you have this book? I've been looking to rent or buy it but haven't had any luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

Andy R. Terrel said...

I checked it out at my library at the University of Chicago. I don't think it is in print but you could probably do an interlibrary loan.