Saturday, September 10, 2005

Vegetarian YUM YUM

Okay I have found a truly amazing vegetarian dish. Now I know that people in my past would be taken aback that I could ever like anything but meat and potatoes, but they have yet to try the Indonesian dish Gado Gado. It starts off with a humble bed of baby spinach, with yellow rice to serve as a base to this visual masterpiece. Then we add the veggies: cabbage, sprouts, green beans, carrots. Top the veggies with come tofu and drizzle the oh-so-good peanut sauce all over it. And finally add sauteed onions, garlic, and ginger root.

Hehe much to the chagrin of my wife, I really want to serve this to all my vegetarian friends if they ever come over for dinner.


Cheryl said...

I don't like it.
He forces me to eat stuff I don't like, but refuses to eat squash 'cuz he doesn't like it even though I do.
Does anybody out there think this is fair???

Anonymous said...

I don't think that is very fair either! Don't be mean to my sister-in-law. I think when you come to visit me I am going to serve tomato, squash, and cucumber pizza! hahaha and you have to eat it because you are my guest. :)

Andy R. Terrel said...

She likes all the ingredients, besides Ihave eaten squash for her like half a dozen times.