Thursday, April 06, 2006


So I've seen some bloggers do this and I thought it was kind of neat. Basically shuffle my MP3 player and then flip through ten songs, write down the first couple of lines (as long as they don't give away the title) and see if people can guess what the song and artist is. So here you go, don't worry the songs are as eclectic as I am:

  1. Bad luck wind been blow'n at my back./ I was born to bring trouble to wherever I'm at

  2. Fine place for a day full of breakdown/ Takes more than a meltdown to show us how

  3. Don't worry mother/ It'll be all right/ Don't worry sister, say your prayer, sleep tight

  4. Well I heard some people talkin just the other day/ and they told me you were going to put me on a shelf

  5. Just around the corner there's heartache/ Just down the street that loser is you

  6. Love and hope and sexy dreams are still surviving on the streets/ Look at me I'm in tatters

  7. Well with bloodshot eyes, I finally broke/ I feel like I just had a stroke

Well poop my player just ran out of juice. God's way of saying stop wasting time and get to work. Funny though while all these songs are from separate genres, the first couple of lines all look really depressing.


Cheryl said...

And people say country is depressing...

Patrick said...

Wow. Aside from the Eagles' "Already Gone", I don't recognize any of them.

Andy R. Terrel said...

Okay I guess I should give away the answers so at least Patrick will see them.

1. Johnny Cash - Thirteen
2. STP - Meatplow
3. Jewel - Life Uncommone
4. Eagles - Already Gone
5. Johnny Cash - Home of the Blues
6. The Rolling Stones - Shattered
7. Some swing band... I can't remember really nobody listens to swing band lyrics.

ida gasp said...

hey, I like the song idea. I think I'll do it too. I was a bit disappionted that I didn't know any of them though.