Friday, April 14, 2006

Intelligent Walk

So as I was walking to school today, I noticed a magpie chasing a squirrel. It seemed that the magpie was getting a kick out of seeing this squirrel chase around. I can just imagine if they were speaking

"I'm gonna get you"

"What are you doing! Get away from my butt, don't make me throw an acorn at you."

This lead to a contemplation on the intelligence of birds, apparently scientist now think birds are highly intelligent animals. Well I just spent a whole quarter contemplating what it would take to make a machine intelligent but what about birds makes them almost as intelligent as humans? How intelligent are humans anyway?

Just then a car drove by with loud rap music playing, all I could make out "make them big ole breasts bounce."

So the answer is not much. Proof by drive by rap phrase. QED


Raghav Kulkarni said...


i guess u had a T-shirt saying
"Only two things are infinite,
the universe and the human stupidity.
And I am not sure of the first one."
- Albert Einstein

enjoy being stupid!

- raghav

Andy R. Terrel said...

hehe Yeah I like that T-shirt. Of course it goes with my other post.