Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fun music animation


Anonymous said...

i wanted to watch the videos. but i think my computer's being ornery.

thank you for your advice! the website you suggested is really helpful, at least what i've looked at thus far--thanks again.

my website is going to be for New Life Church so if they want me to do the site, they will definitely foot the bill for flash. no pirating allowed in the ministry, for obvious reasons. they want all the jazzy stuff (graphics, animation, etc.) so i thought flash would be a good program. are there others you would suggest that would offer much of the same options but be cheaper or easier to use? what about frontpage or dreamweaver? keep in mind that i am eager to learn how to use any necessary site building tools but that i have virtually no experience creating websites.

Elizeu Santos-Neto said...

I would like to play that drum set. Very nice! :-)