Saturday, February 25, 2006

Winter Olympics Suck

Okay I'm sick of it. I have held my tongue about the utter silliness of this competition until now. I'm not one who is against sports competition but I am against all the blathering on about how the Olympics gathers the world together. In truth, the winter Olympics only gathers the rich. That's right the extremely wealthy. Sure there are guys who compete who don't personally have the money but that is because their government fronted all their training costs. For example there are only 9 athletes from Africa competing. NINE. Currently only 26 countries have medaled none of which are developing countries. And today the breaking point for my curiosity about the Winter Olympics, is the description provided by the website for skeleton.
with its rewards for those guided by courage and the most advanced aerodynamic materials.

So ptttwwwy on you Winter Olympics. You might have some artistic sports where starving young girls can let their lives be dominated only to impress all those wealthy spectators, and it might be neat to see some idiot race down a moutain at incredibly fast speeds risking death for just a few oohs and awes. But fundamentally, you are just wealthy people showing off how your money can make you look to be better than the common man.

And yes of course there are exceptions to this rant, so please disregard it for those athletes who are a bit more pure than the others. I mostly am ranting at our society.

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