Friday, February 03, 2006

Teaching the Underserved

I no longer believe that America cares about teaching the underserved. In fact I was the most idealistic among anyone I knew on this fact prior to this year. Here I am a person with two technical BS degrees, and pretty soon a MS, trying to put my graduate career, which could lead to a very nice six figure income, on hold to help the underserved. But what do I hit, opposition because I don't have a degree in education.

Research studies have repeatedly shown that students of teachers who know their subject do better than any other. This combined with the fact that most math or science teachers do not have degrees in either, made me believe that I would be an excellent candidate for teaching. Two programs disagree, and the state has so many barriers to me teaching that I am not even going to attempt it. So when our government asks "Why do we not have capable math/science teachers?" My response is "You run them off."

In fact when I was an undergraduate, I thought of trying to get the educational classes to become a teacher. I hit barriers that just didn't make sense. In order to teach physics, I would need to basically major as in education and take a few physics courses. Which basically leads me to ask why would I not spend more time learning physics if I am suppose to teach it. Furthermore, if I am interested in learning physics and math why should I spend an extra two years to go through an apparently failing education program when I could move on and at least make money.

With that said, I believe our country that claims to care for our working poor is once again blowing smoke. Our government, liberals and conservatives, are interested in one thing: Staying in power. The working poor doesn't have the money to keep them in power, so the government will only pretend to help them.

(By the way I am just really p.o.'d because I was contacted by a principal for an interview. The interview turned into a phone conversation of 3 questions while she was driving somewhere. Then she told me I didn't have enough teaching experience. Why would you contact me then?)

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David Amulet said...

I hadn't seen you in a while, so I thought I's swing by. This explains it, and it sounds very frustrating. I wish I had something good to say, but I agree with you--our educational system is broken. And it's even sadder when someone capable WANTS to teach and can't get a chance.

Hang in there. And I hope some other school/district wises up and sees the value in bringing you on board.

-- david