Friday, December 30, 2005

Life Continues

Ah I'm back from a much needed hiatus from responsibility. Cheryl and I basically sat around at her parents and did nothing productive this Christmas holiday, while it was wonderful it also got boring towards the end. Alas I now want to get busy, stupid ingrained work ethic! But anywho I got some fun stuff for my kitchen, some Italian cookbooks and a paellera. Hehe I have already used the paellera to produce something that tasted horrible, but at least I have the concept of how to make a paella now. I also plan on buying a book.

Coming back from Texas was a chore; Cheryl and I got a bunch of books for Christmas and made some very heavy suitcases. Basically everything Thomas Dubay has written but one that I am especially excited about "The Evidential Power of Beauty: Where Science and Theology Meet". From the reviews and my flipping through it a bit, it is a book that I will be quoting in my Mathematical Catholic blog, if I ever start writing there again. I also got some great fiction books Joyce, Hugo, Collins, ... Basically something that I can enjoy amid the plight to survive grad school.

On a less happy note I got word back that I was not selected for Teach for America, which doesn't bother me too much. My interview went really well so as I told a friend, "After that interview if I don't get the job it will be God's way of kicking me in the pants and saying 'Finish school first, idiot'". But hey I have plenty of prospects for work this summer, either San Francisco, Albuquerque, or here in Chicago. My advisor also suggested looking at KIPP but I am afraid they are looking for more experienced and permanent teachers.

Anywho I gots to run, I am taking these few days before school starts again to catch up on some research.


Cheryl said...

The paella wasn't that bad. The shrimp and muscles were good. Or at least they were good in comparison to the rice, I'm not sure which it really is...

Flamingo Jones said...

Don't feel bad about TFA at kind of sucks, honestly.

Well, more than "kind of."